1. Strong strategic positioning
ACCENTRO is Germany’s market leader in the privatisation of residential real estate.

2. Attractive real estate portfolio
ACCENTRO has a profitable property portfolio with focus on Berlin and other attractive growth regions in Germany.

3. Profitable business model
ACCENTRO pursues a highly profitable business model using a strong marketing and sales platform

4. Considerable hidden reserves
ACCENTRO owns an inventory portfolio of more than 2,100 units and considerable hidden reserves

5. Substantial growth potential 
ACCENTRO seizes growth opportunities in its active privatisation business and collaborates with real estate investors and property developers.

6. Attractive market situation 
ACCENTRO benefits from a persistently high demand for condominiums, rising rents and historically low interest rates.

7. Successful performance 
In the 2018 financial year, ACCENTRO achieved double-digit revenue growth, an EBIT margin of more than 20% and an equity ratio of over 40%.