16 05 2017

Annual General Meeting of ACCENTRO Real Estate AG Resolves with Clear Majority to Distribute 0.15 Euro Dividend

Berlin, 16 May 2017 – At the annual general meeting of ACCENTRO Real Estate AG, shareholders approved the resolution proposals made by the Management Board and Supervisory Board with clear majorities. Among the resolutions passed was the payment of a dividend of 0.15 euros per share, which was approved by 99.99 percent of the capital represented.

The action of the Management Board (99.99 percent of the votes) and Supervisory Board (99.99 percent of the votes) during the 2016 financial year was approved almost unanimously.

On top of that, the Management Board was authorised to issue up to 1,800,000 options to current or new members of the board and the top tier management on one or more occasions before 14 May 2020. These options entitle their bearers, subject to the options terms, to acquire new no-par-value bearer shares in Accentro Real Estate AG (2017 stock option program).

In retrospect, the 2016 financial year turned out to be the fastest-selling year ever for Accentro Real Estate AG. For one thing, revenues increased by 272 percent and the net income by 555.1 percent in the privatisation segment.

With the first quarter successfully concluded, Accentro Real Estate AG maintains a bright outlook for the remainder of the year. “We intend to keep growing both in our core business, which is the privatisation of residential units, and in the area of collaborative ventures with developers,” stated Jacopo Mingazzini, CEO of ACCENTRO Real Estate AG.

About ACCENTRO Real Estate AG

ACCENTRO Real Estate AG is a listed residential property company. Its core business consists of tenant-sensitive housing privatisations. The company's subsidiary ACCENTRO GmbH is the market leader for housing privatisation services in Germany. In addition to Berlin, current project and property locations include Leipzig, Hanover, Hamburg and – since July 2017 – Cologne.
ACCENTRO Real Estate AG has its registered office in Berlin and is listed on the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (German securities code number [WKN]: A0KFKB).

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