11 08 2017

ACCENTRO Half-Yearly Accounts: Expectations Met, Annual Forecast Reaffirmed

Berlin, 11. August 2017 – The Berlin-based company ACCENTRO Real Estate AG (WKN: A0KFKB, ISIN: DE000A0KFKB3) met expectations with a mid-year result of EUR 5.8 million from its continuing operation. ACCENTRO therefore reaffirmed its EBIT forecast for the 2017 financial year in the amount of EUR 34 million.

Key Ratios for the First Half-Year 2017

Year-on-year comparison (01 January 2016 through 30 June 2016)


H1 2017

H1 2016

Consolidated revenues, in EUR



Gross profit, in EUR






Consolidated income, in EUR



Earnings per share, in EUR



Total assets, in EUR



Robust Second Half-Year Expected

“By the end of the second half year, transactions already notarised and initiated will translate into considerably higher revenues and profits than those of the mid-year result,” said Jacopo Mingazzini, the CEO of ACCENTRO Real Estate AG. “With this in mind, we reaffirm our EBIT forecast for 2017. Despite sound sales revenues we continued to increase our total assets. On today’s competitive housing market, this is hardly a foregone conclusion.”

The full-length semi-annual report for the 2017 financial year is available for download at in English and German. The consolidated financial statements on which this report is based were prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

About ACCENTRO Real Estate AG

ACCENTRO Real Estate AG is a listed residential property company. Its core business consists of tenant-sensitive housing privatisations. The company's subsidiary ACCENTRO GmbH is the market leader for housing privatisation services in Germany. In addition to Berlin, current project and property locations include Leipzig, Hanover, Hamburg and – since July 2017 – Cologne.

ACCENTRO Real Estate AG has its registered office in Berlin and is listed on the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (German securities code number [WKN]: A0KFKB).

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