Informed decision making with the ACCENTRO Ownership report

Annual report since 2008

We wish that our customers make the right decision with our help. Therefore, we developed the ACCENTRO ownership report. Since 2008 the annual report informs about the ownership transactions in 82 big cities in Germany – meaning those, which have more than 100 000 residents.

The report consists of two parts

The first part of the report examines the housing markets of the cities with different criteria like transaction revenues or the number of sales brought into a ranking. The second part pictures the market data of the individual cities in detail and lists the sales, market prices as well as the rent index. Base year for the ownership report is 2006. The indices refer to that reference year.


Knowledge that counts, on 200 pages!

Order now the ACCENTRO ownership report 2019 as pdf for 99 € (including 7% vat) and inform about the current housing market.